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Brand: Graymarket Designs Gray Cosmetic Bag

This little pouch is perfect for so many uses- it fits purse essentials like a phone, chapstick and small wallet, or can also be used to organize makeup, cosmetics or even pencils. It nests perfectly inside our toiletry bags, and the designs mix and match like a dream. Hand-block printed with non-toxic, AZO-free dyes, and the lovely wine colored tassel was hand-tied by a 4th generation tassel-tying family in Rajasthan. 8”x4” 100% sturdy Cotton Canvas (the canvas lining is the same color as the background) Machine wash cold with like colors (make sure to tuck tassel inside and zip before washing), tumble dry on low. Designed in California, hand-block printed in Jaipur, India Graymarket Design began with a textile obsession and a deep admiration for hand crafted traditions encountered at markets around the world. After finishing design school and getting hooked on block printed textiles during a trip to India, Hallie Gray began collaborating with a workshop in Jaipur to have her custom designs printed on cotton. She loved the imperfections inherent in block printing, and wanted to apply the technique to simple, accessible designs and colors that could be easily mixed and matched. While the company was founded on a love for the hand-block printed aesthetic and a personal belief that one can never have too many scarves, after working very closely with the workshop for a while she quickly realized that the intricate and complex process behind the hand production of each finished product was so compelling that it needed to be part of the story. In Jaipur, a block printing workshop is a family affair, with fathers, sons, sisters and uncles all working under one roof, and contributing to a different part of the textile process. The artisans involved in making our finished products are practicing trades that their families have been identified with for generations. This is true for the wood block carvers, the block printers, the hand-quilters, the master dyers and the families that hand dye and tie the tassels found on our toiletry bags. Tracing the path of each of our products is a journey through many talented human hands and reveals a long lineage of textile tradition. At Graymarket, our aim is to bring you truly unique, hand-crafted textiles and to celebrate the rich story behind each product. We use only natural fibers and non-toxic dyes, and we work with artisans that are paid fairly and treated with respect. We hope you enjoy!

Sizes: One Size

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